Cafe / East Village / Live Music / Pop

Nat and Alex Wolff, Nuyorican Poets Cafe


As we bypassed the line of eager fans, nearly the length of the entire block, to go and have some 1-on-1 time with Nat and Alex Wolff, we were intimated and in awe of the girls in line. Until tonight, we’d never been on the receiving end of fan girl death stares.

Bouncer: “Unless you have comps, I can’t let you in.”

Alicia: “We’re here to meet someone, my name is Alicia Durand.”

Rogue fan appearing from nowhere: “ARE YOU FROM THE ELVIS DURAN SHOW???(($&?! SHE’S FROM DURAN DURAN))”

Alicia: “:-/ no I’m sorry.”

This was our first time at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and we couldn’t have been more excited. The thrill of hearing a new band and experiencing a new venue hasn’t even begun to fade. As we walked in and looked for the band’s manager, we could see the guys finishing up what seemed to be an intimate meet and greet. When they finished, we were able to grab a few precious moments with them backstage. The brothers are 100% down-to-earth, we talked chicken and rice, the fact the this was their 10th show at NPC, TFIOS, and then left with Nat wondering whether or not he’d offended Alicia and her old age…

As we walked up to the balcony (that ever so slightly felt like it was going to collapse beneath us), Rachel did what she does at nearly every show: obsess over the audience and comment endlessly about the venue size and fan girl feels. The stage for the band, equipped with a standup piano, two mics, three guitars and some gaffer tape that may or not have been used as a paperweight–was surrounded by fans. No barricades, no large gap between stage and fan…they were practically on the same level. How cool must it feel to be THIS close to your musical dream? Simultaneously, how cool must it feel to be so close to your followers?

When they emerged, now donning spiffy blazers and ties, the crowd, expectedly, went wild. Opening with “Illuminated,” the night was off to a great start. They carried us through a repertoire of some of their older tunes – like “Crazy Car,” a song Nat says he wrote when he was kid – with an undeniable chemistry only siblings could share.

Even though a majority of their songs were new to us, there was one standout song that really illustrated their vocal ability. “Body I Occupy” captured Rachel with the emotional repeating line that echoes throughout the entire song, “in this body I occupy.” In the same song, the impressive harmonies hooked Alicia. Towards the end of the song, we looked at each other and gave the silent “we love this” nod. All too soon Alex and Nat’s set list came to an end, but not before closing out with two encore performances, one of which was another one of their early releases, “Thump Thump Thump.”

RCS Takeaway: As a hardcore sibling and someone who has had the pleasure of working with her sisters, I admire and envy the work these brothers are doing. They are incredibly genuine and talented guys and I can’t wait to see whatever projects they embark on next. They’ve clearly created a path of success for themselves and that’s admirable. Great night, great people.

Alicia’s Takeaway: Before our little private meet and greet, I didn’t know that Nat was just in The Fault in our Stars movie – a movie that I have just recently watched and enjoyed. I loved the song, “Rules!” These brothers are extremely talented, to say the least.  Rachel and I stood on the balcony and watched with all the other parents – parents that had driven miles so their daughters could get **this** close to them – and every single one of them knew all the words to all of their songs.  That’s saying something.



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