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Arcade Fire, Barclays Cener

By Nicole Monaghan

I’ve been to Barclays Center a few times before and honestly, it doesn’t disappoint. Whether it was for a game or concert, I always felt I had a good view no matter where I’ve sat. One thing, if you’re in the highest section during a concert and it’s dark, it can be a bit scary … steep steps…. beers… ahhh!! Other than that, the seats, the food and the drinks are great. Not to mention I can walk there from my apartment :-).

Arcade Fire is one of those bands that I love to listen to, but may not be able to name the song or the album on the spot. However, I attended the concert with my boyfriend and he was able to fill me in throughout the show. Apparently I ask a lot (too many) questions… The openers were The Unicorns and Dan Deacon; both were good, but, I wouldn’t have minded missing them either. The Unicorns were a bit too lo-fi for me. And Dan, an electronic musician, was definitely more fun and interactive. But like I said, it wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t have minded if we stayed at the bar a bit longer. Arcade Fire sounded exactly how they do on their records. They played an even amount of songs from all of their albums, both old and new, giving the concert a good, steady flow throughout. Additionally, they had a few dancers/performers that were cool to watch. The encore was by far the best part. David Byrne from the Talking Heads joined them for a song and his voice is just wonderful. Arcade Fire ended with “Wake Up” and the crowd went wild! Overall, great show and great venue.

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