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Eminem & Rihanna, Monster Tour, Detroit MI

By Carrie Lusky

Welcome to Detroit

Where’s my gangstas and all my thugs

Throw them hands up and show some love

And I welcome you to Detroit City

I said welcome to Detroit City

Nothing beats a homecoming tour and just like his lyrics suggest, Eminem showed his city some love Friday and Saturday night, at Comerica Park.  Eminem personifies the city of Detroit; both are gritty and rough around the edges, both are loyal to all things Michigan and both are stunningly amazing at the core.

I have never been to an Eminem concert, but listening to local radio stations will make you feel as if you have.  Through all of his trial and tribulations one thing has always remained constant; Eminem is a Rap God.  The stage was huge and Eminem and Mr. Porter covered every inch of it.  His lyrics were smooth and utterly amazing especially during his performance of “Rap God” off of his Marshall Mathers LP 2 album.  My favorite Eminem performance was his new/old school-style of “Berzerk.”  There is just something about hearing the classic song, “Stroke Me, Stroke Me” mixed with Eminem’s raw energy.


I know I haven’t mentioned the other performer of the tour yet, but this specific show was all about its hometown boy.  Even if you are not a fan or maybe you just don’t ‘understand’ him, Eminem is a genius.  His writing and producing ability is the work of a mastermind.  He might have started with humble beginnings, but there is nothing humble about Eminem.  And the beauty of it is that he doesn’t care.  He performs with such passion and sometimes anger, that you are often left speechless.  We have all heard his rants against his mom and his ex-wife, but not anymore.  He didn’t use any of the lyrics to his songs that insulted his mother.  Don’t get me wrong his lyrics still had his stamp on them and during his interactions with the fans he dropped the f-bomb every other word; his performance just seemed more adult honest rather than petulant brat.

When Rihanna took the stage she made it known that she was a guest and that she was here for the ladies.  Now, I have seen RiRI in concert before and she never disappoints!  Her voice was amazing as usual, as was her dancing that definitely would make a shy person blush.  She definitely converted the hardcore Eminem fans into Rihanna followers.  When the two performers took the stage together, which was quite often, their energy was electrifying.  Their performance of “Monster” ended the show and the sold-out crowd erupted with a screaming ovation.


All in all, it was an amazing show!  Rihanna was her normal fabulous self and Eminem was well…simply Detroit!  You love him regardless of the extra baggage because he is one-of-a-kind!!!!!

Top 5 Favorite moments

  1. The amazing 50 song set list
  2. Eminem’s love for the crowd
  3. Rihanna’s dance sequence to, “Where have you been”
  4. Eminem and Rihanna on stage together
  5. Being front row to listen to Pure Greatness!!!!!

-Side note-

Eminem, Mr. Porter and Rihanna all did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, at the end of the show.


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