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Beyoncé and Jay-Z, MetLife Stadium (On The Run Tour)

When tickets for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On the Run tour were announced, my sisters, friends and I were in hysterics. Were they only playing one show in Jersey? Will they secretly add a date at Barclay’s? How much were we willing to spend? How close should we be? This pandemonium lasted for what felt like 30 years. We waited as each city went on sale (and sold out), with no word on when the NYC/NJ area tickets would be available. Then finally, on June 2nd, our time came—but in true ticket buying fashion, we kept trying and failed to nab the best tickets. All good, though! We still had June 3rd to continue trying. But again, we failed. The wait time on Ticketmaster was ridiculous, the available seats kept getting further away and the concert was in a month. *cue rage music* WHAT BLACK MAGIC WARLORD WAS KEEPING ME FROM SEEING MY QUEEN?????????

…and then I got a text message: Hold on Lb can get us section 12 for 420 total. Boom. (insert prayer/high-five emoji) July 11th couldn’t come soon enough!

Leading up to the concert, and even on the ride to the stadium, everyone kept referring to it as the Beyoncé show. But make no mistake, the 44-song setlist (#4) was a thorough combo of Jay/Bey hits. Opening with “’03 Bonnie & Clyde,” and one of the best performances of “Upgrade U,” the duo literally shut the stadium down. No opening act, just lights out, a mini movie starring them and then show time. Even though we were on the floor, it still seemed like they were too far away and not real (let’s be honest, if King Bey was yelling in my actual face, I still wouldn’t believe she was real). But their chemistry and **Flawless transitions between each of their records (at one point Jay sat down on a throne and it started spinning to reveal Beyoncé sitting on the other side) felt too good to be true. Every single song felt like we were going to church; there was always an arm waving in the air and each song was coupled with the audience yelling every lyric back to the superstars. From “Single Ladies” to “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”, everyone on the field standing on their chairs and everyone screaming from the highest tier of seats, felt the spirit of The Carters.

During the show, we were deliciously reminded of how many songs the power couple actually have together: “03 Bonnie & Clyde,” “Upgrade U,” “Crazy in Love,” “Tom Ford,” “Drunk in Love,” “Part II: On the Run,” “Lift Off,” and Beyoncé even served JTimb realness when she offered up her vocals during “Holy Grail.” Literally, if they walked on stage, sang just these 8 songs and dougied off—I would have been satisfied.  But what we experienced was way more than gratifying.

I don’t have a takeaway or even a highlight. Every inch of this show removed my life and served it back to me in a venti cup of D’ussé (I don’t even know what that means). From the music: Bey’s always killer all-female band MURDERED every song, to her dancers: I’ll need an entirely different post/blog/forum to discuss my love for Les Twins, to the Bonnie & Clyde theme for the evening—Beyoncé and Jay schooled the world on how to put on a perfect stadium show. While no one is entirely sure what the status of their relationship is right now, this concert showed us how in love and unstoppable they are. We are blessed.

For giggles, I asked my friends to describe the show in three words. This is what they had to say:

  • “Bey Jay PERFECTION”
  • “Love on top”
  • “Blue’s so lucky”
  • “Without a flaw”
  • “Yaaaaaasssssss bitch, epic”
  • “Royalty strikes again!”
  • “Dead. Deceased. Funeral.”

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