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Governors Ball – Day 2, Randall’s Island

The Governor’s Ball NYC 2014

(An accidental concert goer’s POV)

By Chui-Man Lee

Governors Ball Crushing Vinyl Live Music

Governors Ball Day 2

I am nowhere as knowledgeable of music as the ladies of Crushing Vinyl but I do stumble onto various venues so I humbly report on the super FUN time @ Day 2 of GovBall 2014. Thanks to my concert promoter friend, we met Sat, June 7th on Randall’s Island for a perfect afternoon of outdoor music & long food lines.

Only a semi-fan of electronic music, I thought Disclosure turned out a great seamless beat on the Honda Stage. Unfortunately the fans were so beaten down by the sun that the energy did not match the band’s highly danceable set.

By the end, we needed to get out of the sun as well & our VIP status afforded a seat in the tent for The Naked & Famous’ performance. I like their lighter indie rock sound but slightly muffled system of The Big Apple Stage did not do justice to their music. And it’s a shame that after “Young Blood,” most concert goers left early to get a spot for the much anticipated The Strokes.

That’s right, the band got back together to showcase live on the main stage. We snuck our way onto the SUPER VIP area with a direct front view of The Strokes & wide protective barrier from the thousands & thousands of eager fans jammed around us (many forgoing concert hipness by wearing Strokes signature T-shirts). Although late to start, The Strokes opened with “Barely Legal” & then continued with hit after hit rocking out their fans into a fist pumping frenzy. They sounded great & the crowd responded with enthusiastic jumps throughout the entire set. Just perfect. Especially with the setting sun.

An hour-long wait before Jack White got on stage with his incredible band. Even though I’m not a big White Stripe fan, I do appreciate the instrumental aspect of the opening10-minute tribute jam. But I prefer the more southern folk rock especially in the rendition of “We’re Going To Be Friends”. Not a bad way to end my night at the Ball.

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