Festival / Guest Post / Live Music / Randall's Island

Governors Ball – Day 1, Randall’s Island

By Kathryn Harvey & Meredith Bissu

Top Five Moments of The Governors Ball Music Festival – Day 1 In Order of Epicness:

 1. 40-person “Happy Birthday” sing-along to the lovely Kathryn Harvey at the Big Apple Stage. 

Governors Ball NYC Crushing Vinyl

Happy Birthday Kathryn @ The Governors Ball

2. Impromptu (and illegal) Bluegrass and Moonshine pre-party before Outkast!


3. Taking a trip back to high school with every track from the Aquemini album and realizing that everyone around us was actually still in high school. 

Governors Ball NYC Crushing VInyl

Governors Ball NYC









4. Bastille covering TLC’s “No Scrubs” – flashback to 1999 SPRING BREAAAAAK!


5. Phoenix’s two-part opus “Love Like a Sunset” while watching the real-life sunset (#meta).

Governors Ball NYC Crushing Vinyl

Governors Ball Balloons









Alt:  Almost posting an Instagram photo with the caption “De Blasio’s Ball” – our Governor is actually Cuomo.


Governors Ball Live Music Crushing Vinyl

Kathryn Harvey & Meredith Bissu @ Governors Ball 2014

Governors Ball Crushing Vinyl Live Music

The crowd at Governors Ball 2014

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