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The Lovely Rocks!

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By Pam Hacker

Photos by Brett Saffer

It takes a lot for this mom of 8-year-old twins to get out at night – let alone out on a work night down on the lower east side at The Bowery Electric for a 9:30 pm show – but getting an invitation to see The Lovely was a ticket I was not going to pass up!  And man was I one happy mom (or for this night “one happy rocker”) watching this band perform a set of totally original songs!  The lead singer, the kick-ass Jill Fiore, truly embodies what every girl dreams of being – that is in this case, a rock star with tattooed arms and sick guitar skills – she leads this band seamlessly singing with her heart on her sleeve rocking out with each and every lyric.

I had the chance to talk to Jill after the show and it was exhilarating to talk with her and hear about her own influences, how she got to where she is today and where she sees The Lovely rocking out in the future.  Jill taught herself to play the guitar – which is insane to me – and is inspired by PJ Harvey, the Pretenders and Concrete Blonde.  She writes all her own lyrics and collaborates with her band-mate/ guitarist, Nico Olivieri, and they present to the rest of the band.  Fiore is inspired by anything and everywhere she goes and recently wrote “Down” on the east river last summer!  As a band they strive for “dynamics and harmony” and that showed throughout the performance.  Their drummer, Kevin Cobbs, is absolutely incredible and bassist, Janelle Sterling, is unreal!!  They’ve only been together for a short time, but they blend well together and sound like they have been together much longer!

Jill plans to be playing the guitar and singing until she is 77 and beyond….you will have “to rip the guitar out of her dry, brittle fingers!” I only hope I am cool enough to still be invited to her shows.


Alicia’s Takeaway: I was fortunate enough to go to this show with Pam and let me tell you…she’s right on the money with this one.  The Lovely sounded like a mixture of The White Stripes, Iggy Pop and Venus in Furs – and I loved it.

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