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5 Seconds of Summer, Best Buy Theater

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On the Monday before the show, I got a text from a co-worker asking if I would take one ticket to a show that I’d “definitely need ear plugs for.” Was I in the mood to go to a concert alone? No.  Did I care that I wasn’t in the mood to go to a concert alone? Hell no.  So I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer. (Luckily, at the actual last minute, I was able to get a friend of mine to go with me.)   When we arrived at The Best Buy Theater, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites, we circled around a few blocks to wait in the remnants of what seemed to be one hell of a line.  From the debris on the ground (blankets, discarded sweats, umbrellas and food) and the tenseness of security, it was clear that many 5SOS fans had been waiting on line for hours (no judgment whatsoever my fellow long-line standing sistren).

Now, if you know anything about me (or have seen my desk at work…), you know that I tend to fall into a trap of enjoying music that I wouldn’t typically “look” like I would enjoy.  So it came as no surprise that within five minutes of being at The Best Buy Theater, my presence at the concert was questioned – was I there for work?  Or the even more outrageous question, where were my kids? :-/  This wasn’t my first tween concert rodeo, so I engaged in witty banter with the bartender while ordering my gin gimlet, “I’m sort of here for work, no I don’t have any kids, yes I know who the band is.”  After finally getting inside of the concert hall and realizing we were never going to get on the floor, we headed to the absolutely last row of elevated seats. (Hey Alicia, did you know they had seats here???)

The crowd was ready for Ashton, Calum, Luke and Michael.

This Australian, pop-punk/rock/boy (depending on who you ask) band ran onto the stage of their first NYC headline show and every girl surrendered.  These four guys were captivating.  Even though their first three songs, “Eighteen”, “Out of My Limit” and “Voodoo Doll” were about older women (making a huge assumption re: Voodoo Doll) stealing the hearts of these young men, they were completely doing the same for the young girls in the crowd.  With their tight jeans, guitars and heavy drumming, 5SOS instantly reminded me of a McFly/Fall Out Boy lovechild, but a tad heavier on the pop than the bands that have typically dominated this genre.  Still, their songs like “Beside You” and “Heartache on the Big Screen” sounded way more vintage and 90’s/2000’s punk than these guys looked.


With only one EP, they have no doubt taken the entire globe by storm.  The title track, “She Looks So Perfect,” is what put this band on my radar.  It’s catchy, cute and exactly what I wanted for a summer song.  Seeing them perform it live was even more dynamic.  I love a band that loves what they do, and even more importantly, loves the crowd they’re doing it for. These guys had a clear chemistry with their fans and that did not go unnoticed.  Even when they were trying to shamelessly plug their merchandise table, it was done cheekily and with a laugh.


This was my first Crushing Vinyl experience for a band that I had known about and listened to on my own, prior to entering the venue.  But like every other show Alicia and I have covered, I still wanted to have a transformative night.  I wanted to feel the power of the music from the stage; I wanted my spirit edified from a lyric or two; I wanted to leave a stan, if only for a night. I was totally enamored by their skill and cannot wait for their album…whenever that happens.

RCS Takeaway:  What a way to rock out, NYC! This was a great night filled with great music. The lighting was a bit sad at times because the drummer felt like he was in the dark, but super fun. This is a total side note and possibly TMI, but Best Buy Theater’s bathroom is one of the best venue restrooms in the city.  Take note, every place, everywhere.  (This cause is important to me.)


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