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Petty Cash, The Viper Room (Los Angeles)

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For the past six years, the Sesame Street production team has flown from NYC to LA to film a bunch of celebrities for its new season.  For the past two years on this trip, a small group of us have become loyal patrons of The Viper Room (you know who you are).  Some may say that The Viper Room has a long and sordid LA history, but it’s one of my favorite places to go see some live music.  (Not to mention, it’s right next to the hotel we always stay in.) Nestled among other notable Sunset strip venues (Whisky a Go Go, The Rainbow and The House of Blues), The Viper Room may be the seediest, but it’s the place I know and love.  This was our third trip to the notorious venue and we were excited to see the band, Petty Cash – a band that covers Tom Petty and Johnny Cash songs. (Another apparent theme of this blog – Tom Petty songs seem to be covered everywhere!) I knew we were in for a good show when the bartender on the bottom floor told us to stop chatting about the bourbon I wanted in my Manhattan and get up to the main floor because the band rocks.  “Ok!!”

Petty Cash has three guitar players, a bass guitar and a full drum kit.  Everyone took turns singing the songs, but they definitely had their lead Tom and Johnny vocalists that sang most of the music – and they were great.  The crowd loved the band and pretty soon, everyone was dancing.  They mixed in a few newer non-Petty or Cash songs into their arrangements and it was a welcome change that highlighted their skills as musicians and rockers!  They invited a guest drummer to accompany them for a couple of songs, and one of the guitar player’s fiancé came on stage to sing a duet.  It was a sweet moment.


We stayed for about an hour and a half.  Some of us danced, and some of us were too exhausted and just drank our beers, listened to the band and people watched. (If you read any of my other posts, you know which one I was.) Either way, Petty Cash is awesome and I would love to see them again the next time I’m in LA.


Alicia’s Takeaway: We loved them. But the group of about ten 35-50-year-old men who were clearly on a ‘boys trip’ away from their wives were incredibly grabby and annoying to dance around.  However, I think I may want Petty Cash to play at my future wedding (the date (and man) yet to be determined ;-)).

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