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Rock On, Mom

By, Bernice Pfluger

I think my last concert was Mötley Crüe’s Theatre of Pain. I won’t even give you a date; it was that long ago. I was a teen head-banger.

So when my 12 year old daughter wanted to see Blood on the Dance Floor at Webster Hall in 2013, I was a little freaked out.

The name of the band itself was scary sounding. They have full on makeup and tattoos up the wazoo. I heard some of their music and I thought I must be old because I don’t understand a word they are singing!

On the night of the concert, I had nothing cool to wear. I had to borrow my daughter’s BOTDF t-shirt. I tried to be cool but totally felt like a parent.

The opening bands were The Relapse Symphony and Farewell, My Love. Now these bands rocked. They kicked ass. They were hot! I was totally fan-girling. I felt like a teenager instead of a mom. I was head banging and forgot I had a kid with me! Oops.

And when BOTDF finally came on, I was impressed. The music was good. They were entertaining. They had huge fans blowing fake blood bubbles on the people. The lead singer came down to where we were standing…with a chain saw!  It could have been real or a prop, I can’t say for sure but I do know it was sick!

Since I hadn’t been at a concert in a long time, this made me miss being at a live rock show. BOTDF is no Mötley Crüe but it sure was fun. I have the live rock concert bug again and I am going to this year’s WARPED Tour. Thanks to my 12 year old daughter, I feel like the coolest mom out there on the tween rock scene.

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