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Rock Star Karaoke, Manchester Pub

Rock Star Karoake, Manchester Pub, Crushing Vinyl

Rock Star Karaoke

When I entered Manchester Pub, there was no way any sort of karaoke was about to go down. The bar was packed tight with ManU jerseys hanging from the ceiling and barely any room to grab a drink. After my search for a stairwell or hallway that led elsewhere, the bartender assured me I was in the right place. Since there was no place to sit, my roommates and I ducked out for dinner before heading back for our friend’s birthday party.

When we returned we were greeted with even more people, but now a stage that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere with a few microphones, an iPad, a guitar, bass and drums in the back corner. It was time for karaoke!

Rockstar Karaoke is the concert equivalent to your standard karaoke. No dank midi tracks, no questionable lyrics and videos flying across the screen (DON’T GET ME WRONG, REGULAR KARAOKE IS MY SHIIIIITT)…instead, you get a full band to back your requested song! While limited, their song list had everything from ABBA to Weezer–with hints of pop and Broadway musicals sprinkled in between. At the beginning of the show, we were instructed to note our requests on the clipboard that started to float around the bar. Since they have a standing gig at this particular pub, the band had their regulars that sort of acted like hype-men for the evening.  They patrol the crowd during their performances, pulling energy from the bar to create the “rockstar” feel.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was when the band opened.  No singer, just the band. Their sound filled the bar and you could tell they were having a good time. They vibed like a jam band but had the repertoire of a cover.  That band, mixed with this UK themed pub (that apparently has showings of footy games at 7am??) proved to be the perfect set-up for my friends’ party.  She was able to request a song (but not without paying $40 in advance), to ensure she’d have at least one song she knew and would love performed during the night. We also got the bar and band to serenade her with The Beatles’ rendition of “Happy Birthday” when the clock struck midnight!

My love for live music and unwavering addiction to live bands really set the tone for my evening. It wasn’t until the end of the night that it went a little sour, but this concept, the venue and the band are definitely worth experiencing.  Who doesn’t love feeling like a f*&#ing rockstar????

RCS Takeway: Totally disappointed that I was unable to perform any of my requested songs. :-/ The bad taste in my mouth hit when my sisters and I requested a tune, were called to the stage to perform and then told that we were being postponed until after intermission… All would have been chill if we hadn’t seen and heard the band cursing about how much they did not want to play our request. That was super sucky/tacky/unsettling. *yells* Take it off the song list y’all!

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