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Skrillex, SRB Brooklyn

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Skrillex tickets were hard to get.  He’s hosting “Takeovers” in four cities around the world and Brooklyn was one of the lucky ones to get him.  He played five consecutive shows the week of February 10th. If we said we were excited to go to Brooklyn from the UWS on a Wednesday night, we’d be lying to you.  As new tickets emerged, we thought, “It’s Skrillex, if we can get tickets, we have to go.”

As Wednesday evening approached, we were already tired from the impending commute, and we hadn’t even left yet. When we arrived at SRB Brooklyn, Alicia had a revelation, “Rachel, I have totally been here.” “What?” “I’ve been to a rave here.” And that’s exactly what Skrillex was – a rave full of ripped jeans and 80’s shirts, punk hair and a guy in a banana suit.

The bouncer told us to “enjoy the party” as we walked in to a crowded line at coat check.  The small room was packed with people and strategically designed.  Two bars flanked the sides of the club, and a VIP section was in the back above the general assembly.  The pre-pre-opener was already on stage and the crowd was ready for a jam.  After a few drinks in, it was clear that alcohol wasn’t the only thing being imbibed here – everyone was on some type of drug but us. Once we were settled and thoroughly enjoying the official opener Clockwork, it was time for the headliner to hit the stage.

Truth: Alicia doesn’t really enjoy house music.  Second truth: Rachel only knew one song.  Skrillex DJ’d a high-energy set of electric beats and dance music that the crowd loved.  We danced on the side of the room and tried our best to enjoy the music and appreciate his artistry.  We tried.

In all honesty, we were a little disappointed.  Rachel loves his hit, “Banagarang,” and couldn’t wait to hear it live, but it was all underwhelming. Skrillex didn’t do anything wrong – we’ve since realized what we enjoy most – bands, live instruments and vocals.  In the end, it was a learning opportunity for us as well as an introduction to a new-er venue in Brooklyn.

RCS takeaway: DJ CLOCKWORK! His smashing hit “Blitz” was its own hypeman. Jumping up and down, drink in hand, lost in a haze of dance—couldn’t have been happier. Please check him out.

Alicia’s takeaway: I think there’s a difference between enjoyment and appreciation.  I didn’t enjoy the music as much as I appreciated Skrillex’s talent.  While I liked the layout of the club, SRB Brooklyn is a hard venue to get to by public transportation because it’s in the middle of nowhere.  Be prepared for a lot of walking.

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