Live Music / Theater / Times Square

Walk Off The Earth, Best Buy Theater

When we got an email asking us to go check out a band at Best Buy, Alicia and I were a bit skeptical. Not because of the band, and definitely not because of the offer, but it was Wednesday—hump day.  (I (RCS) certainly had no interest in doing anything other than having dinner and then getting directly into bed.) But once we researched Walk Off The Earth and then figured out that it was actually the Best Buy Theater (and NOT the Best Buy store), we couldn’t wait to see them perform live.  We had only watched a few YouTube videos so we weren’t sure how large their following was or how they compared to other indie rock groups, but their ability to make a popular song their own was undeniable.  Their most popular YouTube Video – an amazing cover of Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To “ is an astounding musical fete where all five band members crowd around one guitar and play it at the same time – has 150M views.  We arrived at the venue and were pleasantly surprised at this little gem in Times Square – an area of NYC we both avoid like the plague.  The place had a coat check – absolutely necessary on a cold January night, multiple bars, and a performance area that was like an updated and less grungy version of Webster Hall.  As soon as the music started, words began flashing on the screen, while the stage (and crowd) begged for Gianni, Sarah, Ryan, Mike and Joel to enter. Then we saw her. Our favorite person of the night.  The girl in front of us soon became our main source of entertainment for the evening, and source of inspiration for this blog (we talk about that here). Before Walk Off The Earth even came out she was grabbing her boyfriend(?)’s face, stomping her feet and doing that dance we all do when that one song comes on and makes you yell “this is my JAM!!!!!”. You close your eyes, hang your head and point to the sky (please tell us you know what we’re talking about).  It was clear that Walk Off The Earth was her sh*t. In the end, it was about an 80 minute set of mostly their original music and a few of the covers that made them YouTube stars.

Alicia’s Takeaway: Walk Off The Earth is on the cusp of gaining mega popularity in the music industry. It was fun to feel that excitement and anticipation in the air.  They lure their fans to their shows by posting unassuming and eclectic covers on YouTube, but when you see them live, they play mostly their own music – and it holds up to the songs you started loving them for.  It’s like it becomes a legal bait and switch – and you’re certainly satisfied with your final purchase.

RCS takeaway: I didn’t know what to expect in terms of crowd but what immediately caught my attention was the age range.  From underage to middle-aged the crowd had no limit. We stayed behind for the meet and greet and saw a mom with her daughter, two young boys (probably around eleven) and an older guy that was pushing sixty. I was obsessed.  Their music reachability (is that a word) was apparent and didn’t go unnoticed.  They’re not a momentary success and are a band that your entire family can get into.  It doesn’t matter how old you are because their talent is undeniable.

P.S. We now have a crush on Ryan Marshall. We nicknamed him Arms.

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