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A Music Mission? Challenge Accepted

We were just two girls on a mission – go see a band repped by a manager we recently worked with.  We walked in to be entertained; we left with a purpose. That night we exited a crowded little venue with a big new idea that would transform our lives, our work and create a new adventure in the city that we both love.  The adventure: see one live music show a week for one year and write about it.  No holds barred, nothing is off limits.  Any band, any genre, any venue.

We met in 2010 working for Sesame Street.  We became fast friends and that friendship didn’t have anything to do with work or music – we’re both a little silly, a lot of fun and straight up certifiable.  In January of 2014, our jobs took us to see the band Walk Off The Earth at the Best Buy Theater in New York City’s Times Square.  What started off as an exciting work-night out on the town, turned into an epiphany – the only thing we love more than music is LIVE music.  We live in the greatest city where any music fan can see live music every day.  Why not embark upon a journey to see one musical event a week – and then share our experiences?

It’s more than a hobby, it’s a passion.  Watching bands in their element – instrumentation, connection with the audience and the venue, let alone the music – is what we crave.  Even if you don’t know the band or like the genre of music, a live show transcends any prejudice you may have before entering the venue.  There’s a magical element in live music, that when performed right, turns you into a band’s biggest fan of the moment.

We seek to see established acts and bands, but what we truly enjoy is grungy bars and the intimacy of a small group setting, therefore, no venue is off limits.  No band is off limits.

We’re not rich, but we’re not doing this on a shoestring budget either.  (Don’t fret – we’ll see JT when he comes to town.)

We need your suggestions, so let us know if you hear of a great act – or are a great act – and we’ll come see the show and write about it!

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